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Three decades ago, people with disabilities did not enjoy the same rights as they do today. Intellectually disabled children and their families were hardly, if ever, accepted or incorporated in Egyptian society. "A mental 'case' should be left at home and even more, unfortunately, sometimes denied existence... " Yes, these were actual feelings of the time. These feelings changed when some parents got together to communicate their burden and "half their sorrow by sharing", none of them ever dreamt that these kids will one day be granted the "RIGHT TO LIVE" they enjoy today!

Founded in 1981 by a group of parents who decided to dedicate their lives to advancing the welfare of their children, the right to live association (RTLA) has set the standard that other association's working with mentally disabled individuals in Egypt have come to follow. At RTLA, we consider our special children to be like a delicate "Blue Rose", the logo we chose to signify our special children.

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Why the BLUE ROSE????
The idea of using the "Blue Rose" as a logo was inspired from a book written by Gerda Klein in 1970 titled "The Blue Rose". The book tells the story of little Jenny, a young girl with a mental disability. The story goes on with the day in day out details of lived by handicapped children in simple, down to earth language; highlighting that persons with special needs are roses like any other rose, but because they are so rare, they tend to be fragile and need to be "Handled with Care".

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