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Counseling Services
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Counseling services are provided to disabled persons, parents and their family members. Additionally, school and college youths are included in the program.

Community Awareness Program
RTLA strongly believes that community plays a large role in integrating people with mental disabilities into the main stream. RTLA emphasizes awareness programs via public exhibitions, educational lectures, integrated camps with young students and by providing opportunities for volunteers to participate actively in our programs and activities. The association currently has three major projects that serve the community.

Employment Program:
Sponsored by Vodafone Egypt Foundation, this program aims at training graduates of other centers and schools for the disabled and helping them find employment opportunities, be it at RTLA's sheltered Workshops or externally. So far, we have been able to employ 40 graduates from other centers and are currently training another group.

Upgrading Schools for the Intellectually Disabled:
Via this project, we provide consultancies to public schools for the intellectually disabled (Tarbiyah Fekriya Schools), in order to improve curricula, train teachers and introduce the latest ideas in the field of special needs education. This project has been ongoing for the past 10 years.

Upgrading Governmental Associations for the Intellectually Disabled:
In 2009, RTLA signed an agreement with Ministry of Solidarity to fully upgrade 4 associations annually, by providing training to personnel in these associations, setting up programs for the beneficiaries and following up implementation in order to improve services provided to persons with special needs.

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