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RTLA's beginning was very modest. It started out in 1981 in the courtyard of the Delivrande School in Cairo. Nine women, most of them mothers of intellectually disabled children, wanted to provide their children with a place where they can learn, play and socialize. And hence, the project started as a recreational club for ten children that met twice a week after school hours. This service quickly evolved and by 1983, with the help of many organizations and individuals who had faith in the cause, four classrooms and a dining room/kitchen were built in the school courtyard to create a provisional center to educate and train 30 children and youths with intellectual disabilities from 9 am to 4 pm daily, 10 months a year. The centre also included a parent's counseling service, speech therapy, training program for staff members and interested individuals and a resource center/library.

The Association gained an excellent reputation and as time passed on, there became a growing demand for its expansion. In 1984, RTLA bought a plot of land in the Heliopolis Sheraton district and plans were set to establish a four phase project, which included a school, sheltered production workshops, training center for personnel and residential care services. The first phase of the project was finished and work began in the new center in November, 1987.

In 2010, RTLA enrolls more than 200 persons with mental disabilities, benefiting from its various programs and facilities, in addition to many community programs that focus on training specialists working in the field, providing parents counseling, creating employment opportunities for the intellectually disabled and participating in national projects that aim at improving services provided to persons with special needs.

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