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In its continuous effort to facilitate and provide innovative methods of entertainment for its members; the RTLA in 1995 setup a group of theatrical performers within its premises. Since then the association has been in a drive to present shows that gain
praise both domestically and internationally. Listed below is a timeline outlining the association's theatrical productions:
  1. From 1995- 2003
    • " Several productions took place that included: " Mr. Mayor", "Our lovely Sun", and "Nousa the Cow".
    • " During those years the Association entered the annual contest held by "Association of Talented Friends"(an annual competition held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture) and earned 1st place from 2000-2005.
    • " In 2003 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the association, the association's members performed a contemporary remake of "Ali Baba & the 40 thieves" on the Gomhouriya Theatre.
  2. From 2004- present day
    • The theatrical era at the Association has taken a more constructive direction that involved more students from the association, created media hype and more importantly made the association's students feel like one unit. This transition was assisted by British AMICI Dance Theatre Company that helped the teachers to express the locked talents of the association's members.
      • In 2005 worked and collaborated with the AMICI Dance Theatre Group via the British Council to produce "Goha's Folk-Tales".
      • In 2006 the association produced the smash-hit " The Magic Lamp" which acclaimed much media praise.
      • In 2007 the association produced the "Binnola".
      • In 2008 the association produced "Colors of our Heritage".
      • In 2009 the association produced "Africano"
      • In 2010 yet another smash hit "Palestine" was produced to show the daily plight of the Palestinian people.

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